Thursday, August 27, 2009

and now... fun 1.5 weeks of summer have come to an abrupt end...though i am hoping this semester is going to be a bit of a break (didn't i say this about my summer classes?!) ok well now i am really hoping this is the case...

so far classes seem good..i am taking

-community nutrition
-food service systems management
-food service systems management lab (the book for this is called "Food for Fifty")
-nutritional sciences lab

i have had the first two on the list so was my first day of food service...8am class...and our professor rolls in with coffee and hot chocolate for the class...and it was good coffee and i heard that the hot chocolate was yummy too...yeah, love nutrition classes

biochem this afternoon...and labs start next least the pace will be a bit slower than the summer and that will be a relief...

i turned in my application for the coordinated program in dietetics today...this program allows me to intern through UT...doing rotations at different spots around town...and getting me prepared for my RD exam...i'm nervous...a lot of people apply...and there are not that many spots...i'm hoping for the best :D

now on to the reading that i have for classes tomorrow...back at it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

more baking!

more baking..several dozen muffins seemed quite simple in comparison to yesterday's multi-step baking...funny how that goes!!

in two days i have used:
-18 eggs
-5 sticks of butter
-2 lb of sugar
-1 lb blueberries
-12 lemons
-lots of flour

Monday, August 24, 2009

Party Cake

Happy Birthday Amy H!

-adapted perfect party cake from dori's baking from my home...
-lemon curd filling with lemon meringue butter cream and coconut topping

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

guess it stuck...

found this photo today...i'm 4 in it...guess i liked to "exercise" then...dig the mickey mouse sweatbands

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet and Twisted

Today was my first women only tri...i was going out to have fun and celebrate my being done with summer semester...and i had a great time...had a glass of wine and a cupcake after the race...i was a very happy girl..

2nd in age group...
7th overall :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


last tuesday night my two mile run off the bike made me feel so out of shape it was sad...i know that technically i am not out of shape but my legs just would not work for turn over...very high knees or looking fast and strong...this week...well....something clicked coming off the bike tonight...i schooled that two miles...and it felt really the moment...i am really liking my new training only lasts 10 weeks...but i like having a different goal...this reminds me how much i love running...and how helpful the swimming and the biking are to keeping my muscles flushed out and strong and ready to run...i have learned that there are things that i need to do to make my body ready to run 5-6 days a week...and i have actually been doing this stuff instead of doing it sometimes...feels good...and works...just a happy post about a happy workout...i will need it to look back on one day (soon) when it did not i'll take it.

Monday, August 10, 2009


when j and i lived in savannah...there was a fancy grocery that had gone in not long before we moved...i loved it there...more central market than whole foods...but it was the first place i could actually find ingredients for some of the more complicated recipes that i was playing around with...good Italian cured meats (for j) artichokes and almond flour for me...

the one thing that totally got me every time i walked in the door was the price of the roses...6.99 a dozen...sometimes 2/$10...i loved having really brightly colored roses on the table...and loved watching them open...some would open beautifully...others would stay tight and just wilt...but it was always fun and always made me smile...i don't miss much about savannah but i missed those cheap roses...

i had to go to HEB on saturday...not my favorite place to get groceries but proximity to other stores made me do it...and at noon on always taught me NOT to go was what needed to be done...i was not having a particularly pleasant time at the store..and i LOVE the grocery when i turned and walked to the checkout past a display of relatively inexpensive roses...well i had to get some...and i am glad that i did...they have made me smile a lot in the few days that i have had them and they have opened so beautifully...

so while the world around me in texas is HOT and roses are reminding me there is a time when it will be cooler...and things will bloom again...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nutrition Experience

as some of you may know...i'm interning this summer with Meredith...i have gained a lot of knowledge about private practice and what it is like to be an RD...Meredith has also given me the opportunity to do some nutrition writing...and that has been a total blast...i've written a piece or two for her monthly news letter that she sends out to lots and lots of people...and...this is the best...i got to write an article for Austin Runner magazine...and it just came out in this issue...for me this is very exciting...i am getting to write (something i love to do) about something i am really passionate about (nutrition)...and i am really excited that it makes me happy...what all this really means is...i have finally...finally...figured out that i am moving in the right direction by going back to school...and choosing the path of the dietitian...i love this stuff...and am totally jazzed to see it all happen :D wee!