Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 2

I can't believe how far i have come in a week working at the hospital...Today I was walking home from the hospital and I was smiling.  I was proud of what I had accomplished today and what I have been able to learn in such a short period of time.  I'm no longer nervous to find a nurse or talk to a doctor. I also seem to no longer hesitate when I walk into a patient room.  yesterday I gave a low fiber diet education to a Spanish only Pt with the help of a translator.  It was totally on the fly and great. I have also been working a lot with enteral nutrition and getting really comfortable with understanding who to put on what formulas and rates and goals. Good stuff.

I get attached to some patients and i really want them to pull through...or i want to see how their issues get resolved and sometimes i just want to know their stories.  I love running across the people who are really wanting to learn more about nutrition or the dr or nurse who is also really interested in how nutrition is going to help a patient get well.

I still feel like i have too much to do in a day/week/month and i am trying to learn how to say i don't have time.  i sometimes envy people i see out for walks or playing football in the street thinking to my self i wish i had time for stuff like that...and i guess i would if i didn't do all the other stuff i do outside of internship like having a job and doing some other nutrition stuff and saying yes to more than i should.

this coming week will be an exercise in doing saying no when i can because honestly i just don't have the time...i like my sleep, and my yoga, and my run/ride/swimming and spending time with j and the catz....all of that is really just as important to me...this will be a process and i am sure i will have some failures along the way (this week counts as one for sure) but i will try...

now off to do some relaxing and shutting off of the brain for a few hours of girl movies, chocolate, ice cream and chit chat with a few of my lady friends...much needed...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Practicum...the Beginning

Today I started my is the last step in the process to becoming an RD...well technically the second to last step if you count the RD exam that i will sit for this's getting really close to the end of things...and i am really excited about this very moment it's tough as i don't know what my schedule is going to be...and it's hard to plan life and training around a non existent schedule but as my professor said to today " i basically have your a** for the next semester" ah...well fine...i'll get there...

but it was fun to be back in action so to speak today dusting off the cobwebs of enteral nutrition and nutrition assement and lab values and this point it's all new beginnings...and i'm ready..bring it

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Exercise Totals

Swim: 91 hours 135 miles
Bike: 150 hours 2400 miles
Run:  195 hours 949 miles

I spent just about 18 days swimming, biking and running in 2010.

yoga, core and other exercise not counted in totals...

Monday, January 3, 2011


it's been a little while since i have last posted...and that by no means indicates that nothing is going on...since my last post here are some highlights...had a super time in seattle...flew back to austin to attended AC4D final presentations for the quarter...they rocked...was in austin for 36 hours then flew to arizona...hung out with my a pedicure (my first!)...saw two bob cats two days in a row...had christmas...baked 150 cupcakes for the engagement party of two friends...who surprised all the guests at the party by getting married!...attended the going away party of a good friend...reconnected with other good friends...did Bikram (hot!!) yoga twice...and actually made it past midnight on new years eve...amazing..

while all of this has been going on i had been thinking all along that come jan 3 i'm back on the training wagon gearing up for the 2011 tri season here in the day got closer...i got a little more apprehensive...and over the weekend i was down right jealous of some other friends who are taking this year to step back from all of the racing and let life fill in the blanks...

this month brings about a lot of's the end of my classes and the beginning of my internship portion of my program...j started his new job...and everything feels fresh and falling back into the same old workout routine seems off to me...not to make this sound like some light decision...because if you know know that i take my athletic commitments very seriously and to change my mind about a goal i set and the training i was going to's a pretty big deal...and of course full of emotions...sigh...someday i won't cry about _everything_

so tonight i am off to my lil neighborhood yoga studio to get back in there and settle my mind and see where it takes me...i'm going to try and follow the tri training plan for the week and see how i feel about it all to make sure i am not just feeling the apprehension of starting a regular training plan after having 2 months off of rigid scheduling...we shall see...