Thursday, March 11, 2010

recovery week

am i training enough?

Friday, March 5, 2010


my observation of my little life this that sometimes the anticipation is much more stressful than the actual execution...this week is a perfect example...i had a minor freak-out last friday just thinking about everything that i had to get done...but here we are at friday...and hasn't been so bad...though i made sure to be very organized...and to do the things that popped in my head when they appeared and not put them off...(like pack workout bag with nutrition etc)...mostly it can and will all get this freaking early 18 mile run...happy friday :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

uhm week 7...

i can't even believe that i have been training for 7 weeks so far...seems like we just started...good week this week and a rockin' weekend...saturday ride started out COLD...but warmed up quickly and ended with sun and high 50's...had fun with the 70 miles...rode a new saddle or test rode i should say...and adamo...made a huge was a bit too wide in the nose so i am looking into if they have one that is a touch more narrow...but i am totally amazed how my body in the hips flat back and no lower back issues even on the long ride...felt much more like i was using my glutes to a good way...

sunday run was also good...15 in the books there...and i had fun...was ready to be done at the ends but never got to that really low point that happens sometimes when we start to go a little longer on the runs...i have been working on liquid nutrition for the run...this seems to be working for me...but we will see...good steady land speed records but i'm happy with it...

regular week training was major issues thus far...think it's time for new running shoes...but have a lack of time this week to get to the shop for new more week on the nikes i to week 8!