Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Semester of Classes

Today was the first day of my last semester of classes...I'm taking five....government (yeah required okay), nutrition research/writing, medical nutrition therapy II, advanced food systems management, and my first clinical/practical course that involves a 3 hour a week shift in a hospital learning the ins and outs of being a hospital dietitian...three classes today two tomorrow...and so far so good...

i am already thinking of my topic for my writing class...i'm hoping that my prof is cool with me doing something sports related...i think so since her masters was in exercise phys. so that is a good start...i actually have been trying to decide on a topic for this paper for the whole summer...and i think i have it nailed...we shall see..

so far only one conflict with my travels for MCM on 10.31...i have an exam on 11.1 that i will be missing...hoping i can work it out...if not all it means is that i will be taking the comprehensive final at the end of the big thing...but i like to avoid finals as much as i can...

keeping my internship at whole foods for about 10 hours a week through this semester as well...i think all in all i am going to be busy...which i like..but i am also going to have time to kick some school butt...and hopefully pull off another semester of university honors....

it's hard to believe that i am starting my last semester of classes...and i will be and RD in less than 11 months...werd...bring it on UT...i'm ready to kick it through the home stretch...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lab

Saturday was the run called The's a race prep run...a dress rehersal for the big race...and since i am running a fall marathon...and since 98% of the road running races that happen in austin happen in the winter (much cooler!)...the lab was my first test of how my training has been coming yeah i was totally nervous going into it...

i have been feeling really good lately...yes some runs rule....others are like gutting out the last five miles of an ironman...but all in all things have been going amy has taken great care of me getting me back to running while still recovering from CdA...for that i am super physically feeling good...mentally nervous...85 degrees and about the same % humidity at 5.30 am on saturday i was ready to go...

first 2 miles were slow and a super easy warm up...the next 12 were at marathon goal pace (MGP) MGP is 8.23 per mile...amy's advice was may not run one mile at your actual MGP, but you want your average to be close to it...the last 2 miles back to rogue were to be cool down...

here are the splits:
1+2: 20:00
3: 9:18
4: 8:49
5+6: 16:50
7: 8:12
8: 7:55
9+10: 15:49
11: 8:50
12: 8:27
13: 8:46
14: 8:15
15+16: 21:00

overall giving me 8.25 per mile for the MGP miles (3-14)...i will totally take that...i felt strong on the first 6 at mgp...was feeling the effort through 9 and had a few HTFU moments during the last segment...all in all i am proud of what i did on saturday...a much needed confidence booster...and a good mental battle too...

Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm having a hard time coming to terms with how i felt in boulder....

i arrived on thursday...literally dropped the bags off at the hotel....the st. julien (amazing!!)...had a pit stop...washed my face and ran back down to the lobby to meet Roger, Allison and Dechen to go have some dinner...had a fabulous time over beers and veggie burgers (for me) and a huge plate of ribs (for j) chatting with my newlywed friends and there precocious little guy!

Friday morning i slept in!  6.45am! ha lol....i suck at that...saw j off to his conference planning...and was off to a local cafe for a curry bun and an Americano....Allison swung by the hotel to pick me up and we went out to Indian peaks...and hiked to about 10,000 feet....gorgeous views...and great conversation....but i think the best part was that Al had to park the car and i watch Dechen for like 5 minutes all by my was amazing....i did good.. :D

Friday night was dinner with the IdxA crowd...finally got to meet Kendra...hey girl!...but they all went out to a meet up and i went back to the hotel...and tried to sleep against the background of a Latin band playing at a wedding in the courtyard beneath my window...they finally became unplugged at late i know!!

Saturday morning was long run day...i got up at about 5.30...and ran as far as i could along a path until it was hands down the most amazing run i have ever done...i had a huge grin on my face the whole time....and after i reached the top of the trail and was running back in to town...i had a really hard time holding back the tears...(it's tough enough to run at altitude....then try crying, running and altitude all at once!!)...the run was just that beautiful...hard to explain...but utterly crushing and uplifting at once...

after a stretch, ice bath and several cups of coffee i met roger/al/dechen at Lucille's for breakfast...delicious despite the wait...then off to the farmer's market...where i could have shopped for the week...and gotten my knives sharpened!!

then in the afternoon we all went swimming at the reservoir...a 70.3 was being held out there in there was a lot of activity out there...but we found a nice spot with some other friends and did a bit of swimming....a little out and back open water action...complete with boat fumes...and chop but overall a fun swim :D

saturday night was dinner at the kitchen...i was giddy...and loved every second of it...prosecco with hummus and flat bread....oysters with a shallot vinaigrette...Colorado brook trout with a fresh corn relish, Allison's duck egg!...roger's hanger steak...and a dessert that was amazing...light and decadent all at once...fresh local strawberries, bits of meringue all folded into some lightly sweet Chantilly...totally yum...

sunday....early recovery run with 3x15 push ups....then shuttle to the airport...and back to reality by 2 sunday afternoon...

hard to believe the mtns are real...hard to believe what i feel is real

Friday, August 6, 2010


in boulder

my very favorite sound in the whole world...water!
so totally cold! probably water temp in the 50's
view from the bed in the hotel...uhm yeah

Dechen and Allison!! on our hike :D love you guys!