Sunday, January 27, 2008

happy 3M day

so today was half marathon day...i was nervous this morning...really wondering what i was going to well i was going to run...but i calmed my self a bit with some positive mantras including but not limited to "trust your are ready for this"...and Jeremiah calmed me some more at the start line...thanks!...there is just something about being in the huge (5200!) throng of people standing next to a running buddy who has been through this all with it

the goal was to run a 1.53.44...secretly i wanted to beat this time...but i had no idea how i was going to feel keeping up an 8.40ish pace for 13.1 miles...this was the first time we were "allowed" to race...i have been training since September and had no idea what race pace was going to feel like since all of our long runs were nice and easy there was the source of my nervousness...and the decision to "run your own race" (i like this mantra it's new too)

the gang and i had driven the course yesterday so i was ready...i knew what to expect and that felt good when the gun went off...just knowing where that first mile marker was going to be...and being able to just run..."just run" i told myself that first mile...just run look at watch at mile one...assess again...i hit my pace time out of the gate...and just hung with was feeling good...really good...just running

hit a few more mile markers and was still hitting my time (this training has done wonders for pacing) and decided to let my watch run...i knew how the pace felt in my body and in my i went with it...and the miles just clicked off...i missed a mile marker or two...i really wasn't looking i had a rough idea of where to pick it up...then we hit the turn on Duval....oh yeah "close the deal"...and i picked it up...then i hit campus and gave my self a "dig deep"...then i saw the clock above the finish line (it was under 1.50 :0) so i moved it a little more...heard a big "go Jess" from a group of Rogue coaches...and crossed the finish line with my hands in the air and a huge smile on my was right i totally surprised myself-thanks for that one.

F 25-29Kolko, Jess


(gun time) (chip time) (!!!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

what a week

so i'm not sure how this week could have been more eventful...ok i can i guess but for me this was a busy one...

classes started on tuesday...i am taking Chem 301, Nutrition 311 and far classes are going well...i was freaked out on my first day of Chem thinking to my self man i don't know any of this stuff...then remembering that i am a student and i am not supposed to know any of it yet...i am supposed to be learning it...i can do old study skills started to come back right away...and that is a very good thing...i could actually answer some questions in my nutrition class thanks to my recent training and christmas gift from j (sports nutrition book) and that felt good...lab starts this coming wednesday so nothing to report there...

had a great afternoon and evening with amy and co. cooking up a storm and having a nice dinner party friday night...cooked a salmon dish with fennel, apples and rosted potatoes...i thought it was really great and will totally be using lots of fennel in the future...i always thought that it was more anise flavored than it actually was...had some tasty ginger lemon cupcakes...i am a sucker for ginger and cupcakes....mmmm ginger cupcakes...

up not so early saturday for a short run and a viewing of IMFL in support of Jeremiah and the mass start gulf swim....mantra from amy: i am a strong and confident is totally getting used...nice farm share pick up in the afternoon....then time to hit the books...working on the perodic table and some of those ions and polyatomic ions...yeah it _is_ starting to come back...nice mellow pasta/sauce dinner...and now there is today

the run started at i was up at (sort of) shake...vitamins...check bag...change to tights (it was 26! that is _not_ a temp in TX...i will be dreaming of it come mid august)...and out the door at by 5.45...out on the run at 6.00...started out on the run with Jeremiah and Keith? (why am i still not sure if i get his name right) and thought while warming up along the trail...hmm these guys are going to leave me in the dust i hope one of my buddies shows up (pace buddies that is)...and sure enough here comes Ed and Vishal...that was a is not a great prospect to know that you have 22 mile of running to do and you might end up alone...but yeah! for my boys...the whole run was on the marathon course...and that was nice...j drove me on it last sunday so i was familiar with it in car it was nice to be the same on foot...had a tough time getting into a rhythm...i blame the cold...but it turn out to be a great run...we were able to "close the deal" from duval to the end...i really picked it up across the first street bridge and felt amazing getting it done...good, hilarious (thanks Chuck) soak in barton springs...holy cow i just ran 22 miles !!!

now after a massive clean i am ready to hit the books again, roast a chicken and watch some bad movies on netflix...hopefully in bed really early and sleeping really late tomorrow :) woo !

Friday, January 11, 2008


Just paid my first semester's tuition bill...yikes, school is expensive...nothing like that to freak you out on a Friday morning...but now i guess it is really official...classes start on Tuesday...Chem 301 and Intro we go!

Monday, January 7, 2008

30k Conquered

had an amazing race yesterday at the ARA 30k. i was a bit nervous going in because of all the hype that the race got. rogue runners were discouraged from running this race (i still saw some out there sporting there rogue gear) due to the major ups and downs along the course. i was a little worried that the race was going to wipe me out so i made my race plan nice and easy. start easy....very easy...just go out a little less strong than my normal long run pace. take the hills as they come, walk when i need to, drink plenty of water and a gel at 80 minutes then every 40 after that with one extra attached to me just in case i was going to be out there for a long time.

as a side note...while reading the runner's instructions for the race the organizers stated that they hoped everyone would be done by 1pm...6 hours after the race started!!!!

i was hoping for somewhere between 3 and 4 hours depending how i felt...i hydrated like crazy on saturday...slept well (only one dream that i was late for the race) and got up at 4.45 feeling pretty good...with a healthy dose of nervous excitement...which i promptly calmed with "calm like a bomb" (one of my new phrases) it reminds me to keep my energy inside, calm the outside and use that energy when it is needed later...had a cup of coffee, a soy protein shake (cookies and cream) took my vitamins, checked my bag again and was out the door by the site around 6, was able to park easily and get to the potty line before it was too long...found my race buddies and huddled up for the start.

i ended up running the race with was really nice to be able to run with someone the whole can do the mental scan of your body, check how you are feeling, fix what you need to, then focus on something the name of the movie or restaurant whatever...without getting too hung up on what is ahead...i was really able to focus and be extremely present moment through the race...when the big hills started we said to each other that we were just going to take it one cone at time...breaking down that hill in small stages really helped...

each 10k got a little faster...that was a be able to complete the last 10k of a tough race (the huge hills were in this section) faster than the first 10k was a huge deal for me...even the elite runners at the race didn't accomplish this...that feels cross the finish line feeling strong...not like i left it all out there...because i know that my longterm goal is the marathon on 2.17...

awesome to feel amazing...have an amazing coach out there rooting for us when she didn't have to be there...a training parter also out there cheering us on...a solidly executed race plan...and a finisher's metal (my first *blush*)...i couldn't have asked for a better race.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

stuff and things

first things first...i have to share some photos of my trip to Pittsburgh...
this is the view from my mom and dad's front door. i love it...

this is Angus :) he is one and super cute

this is my mom being a super gramma reading new books to isaac and angus on Christmas day...

and here are the (aka grampa) isaac, angus and doug all watching basketball :)

it was a nice trip to visit the family...relaxing, cozy and fun...i was well taken care is fun to watch the boys grow and play and interact with the world around is amazing and perplexing in the same moment.

had a nice few days with, reading books, relaxing and reflecting on this past year...a lot has happened for the better in our is crazy how much has changed and how happy i am here in our new home in is nice to see j in a place where he can be happy and motivated and adventurous...trying new things and new projects.

but now it's time to get back in the swing of starts on the 14th...and i need to get my head around being a student again...and the marathon is in 6!! weeks...yikes...the ARA 30k is this coming sunday...the course just changed and not for the better...i want to know why they decided this course was a good idea anyway...but hey i am the one who signed up to run...

there is a lot coming up...and much to be excited i better get off the computer and go do some of it...