Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 3

on my wednesday morning run...i thought about breakfast...and the thought of the same oatmeal again was not at all i decided to switch it up...which is strange because normally i would choose oatmeal but knowing that i kind of "had" to choose it made me not want it at i made an egg/spinach/salsa breakfast taco and crossed my fingers the cost was was almost $0.40 more than the oats but i was happy for a change...

same thing happened with it was pb+j with veggies and an apple...which turned out to be not filling enough...i'm starting to get how it would have to work in order to stay's keeping it carb i had been the first two days...

Breakfast: egg, spinach, salsa, tortilla=$0.94
Lunch: pb+j on wheat, 1/2 cucumber, 1 normal carrot, 1 small apple=$0.57
Dinner: arroz con pollo = $2.13
treat: 1 liter sparkling water $0.53
total so far =$10.96

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