Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 2

I knew now that the hunger level was going to be i knew that i could get through the next days...but i was a little worried about how my workout was going to feel with no electrylyte supplementation during the day or pre run...i had made sure to save my apple from lunch for an afternoon snack to help the run...but unfortunatly i never got around to eating the time i did i was on my way to run practice so that was not a good choice either...mild dehydration symptoms by the end of the 6 miles....made it through strides and strength...then home for something...and fast...turned out to be left overs from last nights pasta (it was just sauce left) so i made more noodles to go with...and added salt...

Breakfast: oats+PB+almond milk+banana (i ate as a morning snack) $0.59
Lunch: bulgur salad + Tofu - apple (i never got around to eating) $1.03
Dinner: left over sauce (i counted all ingredients in yesterdays total)+noodles+spinach= $1.25
Total = $2.87
running total =$2.87+$3.92=$6.79

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